Pro Blo Group launched in November 2014 by our Founder/Managing Director Rebecca McCann. Rebecca was inspired by her love of a blow-dry and a broken hair brush. With a vision to create a product range that was luxury yet affordable. Rebecca knew exactly what she wanted, although working between her mums kitchen and a derelict house her father owned the dream seemed almost impossible. Rebecca’s initial plans to sell on Ebay quickly halted when she started to realise that other women also craved the salon blow-dry but couldn’t afford both the time and the money to maintain it. Rebecca quickly started to live by her motto “Say YES & Make It Happen” this is what she did from the very beginning. Rebeccas drive and determination has led to a journey beyond her wildest dreams.In the first year Pro Blo went from Rebecca’s mums kitchen to being one of the hottest hair brands in the beauty industry, being awarded No1 tool for curls. Here at Pro Blo Group it’s simple! We love hair and the endless opportunities it gives us to express ourselves. Our passion is developing products that allow you to recreate the latest trends at home.